Return to outdoor rehearsals on 8th June

On Tuesday 8th June, we will be resuming Choir rehearsals for the first time in 15 months.

Current rules prohibit amateur choirs of more than 6 people from singing inside. This may change if the government moves to Step 4 after 21st June, but the guidance for this stage has not yet been published. We have therefore decided to go ahead with outdoor rehearsals. While meeting outside is safer than inside, we will still need to put measures in place, including maintaining social distancing and no mixing or socialising. We have prepared a COVID Risk Assessment and Guidance for Members which are available to download below. Please read the Guidance for Members before you attend rehearsals, it is important.

We look forward to singing together very soon. We are aware that not everyone will be comfortable returning straight away, that is perfectly fine and we look forward to you rejoining as soon as you feel able to.


Why not wait until we can sing inside?

We do not yet have details on the guidance that will apply to singing at Step 4 of the Government Roadmap. We, along with many choirs, thought we would be able to sing inside at Step 3, but the guidance came very late to say this was not permitted. It is therefore very difficult to predict what rules may apply later in June. Also, if we are limited to 2m social distancing then we could not fit the whole choir in the school hall and, if singing inside, we may have to wear masks. We are confident that we can safely sing outside, and the summer months make this an ideal time to do so.

What if it is raining?

If heavy showers or persistent rain is forecast, the Committee will make a decision to cancel and send out an email and Facebook message on Monday evening and attempt to contact those not on email by phone. (We will still go ahead with rehearsals if the forecast is for light showers, so please dress appropriately).

In the event of cancelling rehearsals at short notice for any reason, the Committee will make a decision to cancel and send out an email and Facebook message by 5pm on the day and attempt to contact those not on email by phone.
Please check your email before starting your journey.

How much are subs for the term?

The current subscription is £50 per term, however, as we will not be meeting for the whole term we will be requesting payment of £35 to cover the remainder of the spring term. We should be delighted if any of you would like to donate any further amount or continue to pay £50, as we have not been able to perform any additional fundraising activities since we last met. We are strongly encouraging members to avoid paying by cash. Further guidance on the different ways to pay subs is in the Guidance for Members.

Will we be able to access the school toilets?

Ideally, go before you leave home. However, the school toilets are accessible as normal. You must put on a face-covering before entering the school building. We may limit entry and exit to the school building so that only one person enters or leaves at a time. Please use hand sanitiser before entering and after leaving the school building (this will be provided by the door). Queue in the corridor outside the toilets. MAINTAIN TWO METRES DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE SCHOOL BUILDING and one at a time into the toilets.

I was not previously a member of the Choir, can I join your rehearsals?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept new members at this time. We hope to be able to open up for new members in September depending on any restrictions that apply then.


About SOChoirs

We are the South Oxhey Community Choir. Our aim is very simple, we are a fully inclusive choir that welcomes anyone of any age that has a connection to the community of South Oxhey. We sing a wide variety of music from popular classics to classical pop.

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